Resource Program

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Welcome to the Academic Resource Program

Mrs. Sue Lindahl, Resource Director ~

About the Academic Resource Program

The mission of the Academic Resource Program is to provide the academic needs of students in an inclusive environment, consult with colleagues and partner with parents to offer and implement a variety of learning styles/modalities with the goal that each student can grow to his or her highest potential to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. This support includes helping students become self-advocates and discovering the accommodations that will aid them during their academic achievements at SRVCA while developing a skill set to carry forward as confident learners on their path to success.

Mrs. Sue Lindahl, in addition to being a Reading Specialist and a trained dyslexia tutor through the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education is SRVCA’s full-time Director of the Academic Resource Program. Mrs. Adelia Smith also assists students in the Academic Resource Program. In addition to working with students during the school day, Mrs. Lindahl and Mrs. Smith aid the faculty in teaching and making accommodations for students who have learning differences.

There are several programs in place that will aid students who have been diagnosed with learning differences.



Test Taking

Students who have been identified as having learning differences are entitled to several test accommodations based on their needs. These options include extended time on tests, and/or restructuring of tests to provide students the best opportunity for success. Testing accommodations are also available for standardized achievement testing. The teaching staff is provided with an up-to-date list of all students who qualify for this accommodation. Academic Resource Program staff work closely with teachers to aid in this process. Other suitable accommodations may include oral testing or dictating test answers.


Chromebooks are available for check out and desktop computers are available for student use in the Computer Lab as needed. Often, students have difficulty completing essay questions on a test using a pen and paper, but can produce excellent work when using a computer. Students may use the Chromebooks or desktop computers to type in-class writing assignments or essay questions on tests. Additionally, students may use technology to access academic learning videos and on-line study programs.

Livescribe Pens

The Academic Resource Program is piloting a Livescribe Pen project which is designed for use in recording lectures in class while taking hand-written notes.The Smartpen captures everything the student writes and records lecture audio ensuring that they will not miss key points. Students easily transfer all notes and recordings through Bluetooth to their Mac or PC where they can tap anywhere on their notes and playback corresponding audio. This technology shows great benefit to auditory as well as dyslexia and ADD differential learners. Myscript Software converts handwritten notes into editable digital text. Although most classes are not heavily lecture based, as students progress through their academic career our program strives to equip them for the future, creating an atmosphere of self-confidence and self-reliance.

Audio Text – Learning Ally

SRVCA is affiliated with Learning Ally, an online database with over 80,000 human-narrated audio textbooks and novels. Through audio books, students can spend less time decoding words and instead increase their fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension in order to help reach their academic potential. Books are available in audio only format or audio and text together. The software has free downloadable apps for android and iOS, so students may access materials via their phone or other electronic supported devices. This fee-based database increases a love of learning and self-confidence.

Student Scribe Project

The Student Scribe Project was developed to help students who have difficulty taking notes or have incomplete study guides. Students who have excellent note taking skills in their classes are identified and asked to provide their notes and/or study guides which are copied and stored in binders.  Academic Resource students can access these notes to help bridge any gaps in their own notes or study guides.

Parent Library

A parent resource lending library is available to parents who want additional information on learning differences. Sue Lindahl is also available to direct and guide parents to additional reading materials and resources.

Team Meetings

Each Academic Resource Program student has at least one Team Meeting each academic year. The meeting consists of at least one parent, the student(jr high only), Academic Resource Program staff and personnel from the School District  We meet to discuss the present year, use of accommodations and plans for the future. These meetings are mandatory in order to keep the student's eligibility current for SRVCA’s  Academic Resource Program.

Working with Faculty

The Academic Resource Program assists the SRVCA teachers by providing them with individual student profile including accommodations. These profiles are meant to provide teachers with concise, practical information that will help them work more productively with students. The Academic Resource Program staff provides these profiles to all applicable teachers in the school to be used as a reference throughout the school year.