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Mr. Shahkar


Mrs. Greim


Mrs. Guerrero





Sixth Grade Curriculum

  • Bible: Bob Jones, Bible Truths,
  • Language Arts: Prentice Hall Literature, Units of Study in Argument, Information, Narrative Writing
  • Literature: The Cay, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis)
  • Math: McDougal Littell, CA Math, Course 1
  • Science: Christian Schools International
  • Social Studies: Bob Jones

Field Trips & Highlights

  • Egyptian Museum
  • Outdoor Education Camp, Alliance Redwoods
  • Ancient History puppet show for second grade buddies
  • Greek Day
  • World's Fair



Sixth grade students study the life of Jesus Christ. Specific studies will include the character of Christ, His major experiences on earth, His miracles, parables, and sermons. A detailed study of the Sermon on the Mount will equip students with an understanding of life expectations for His followers. New Testament studies will be a regular part of each class. Students will also participate in ten service hours for the year.

Language Arts

6th grade English encompasses the areas of grammar, composition, vocabulary, reading, and literature. Thematic units will allow students to reflect on their reading and writing assignments through Biblical application. Writing skills are developed through creative and analytic assignments. Essays include narrative, argumentative, and informational writing. Literature appreciation emphasizes both critical thinking and comprehension skills. Students read a mixture of classical and modern literature, non-fiction texts, short stories, myths and poetry. Classwork and homework include responses to literature or nonfiction text, independent home reading, annotation, vocabulary, essays, and group projects. 


By the end of sixth grade, students at two levels will have mastered the four arithmetic operations using whole numbers, fractions, decimals, positive and negative integers. They will learn to accurately compute and solve problems at a level most appropriate for their developmental stage of mathematical processing. Students will solve straightforward pre-algebraic numerical equations, and will write and solve world problems for all concepts covered.


Earth Science is the primary focus of this course of study. The major topics covered are geology, earthquakes, volcanoes, the dynamic earth, water and water systems, meteorology and the enrivronment. Inspiring the students to be more curious and appreciative of God's Creation.

Social Studies

In sixth grade Social Studies, we study ancient history from creation to the fall of the Roman Empire.  This includes the study of ancient Mesopotamia, Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Israel, Persia, Greece, Rome and geography.


Sixth grade Spanish is a transitional year for students and they begin to conjugate verbs and master vocabulary and spelling.