Soldiers for Christ

by Josh Corral, 7th Grade, 2004-2005


As people die and suffer the pain,

They only to this for the Creator of the rain.


Lives taken with all sorts of fears,

Only if we could bear all the tears.


He died for us, we should do the same,

Only if we knew how to bear the pain.

Nailing Jesus to the cross,

For that was and will be the biggest loss.


The martyrs die and cry from fears,

Only Jesus will catch our tears.


We cannot give up our life for idols and jewels,

But for only our Christ our God-given tools.


But when you die for Christ, you will never forget,

All the joy we will not regret.


For when we die there will be grace.

Doesn’t even matter how bad the case.


We all need to take the time for the Christian starters.

There needs to be silence for the cry of the martyr.


Jesus Christ, the one to give us joy.

Joy even greater than that one toy.


So now where you are take the time and pray.

For all the future martyrs of this very day.