San Ramon Valley Christian Academy exists to honor God.  One way we model that is by encouraging our students to participate in our school’s athletic program (Grades 6-8). As a member on any of our SRVCA teams, students will learn about competition with the same biblical worldview we use in the classroom.  They will be encouraged to practice hard, work as a team, respect their opponent and win with humility or loose with graciousness.  All athletes must remember that when they compete they represent Christ as well as their school, team and family.

The athletic program at San Ramon Valley Christian Academy is an extension of our academic and physical education program.  We want to develop each student’s heart, mind, body and soul.  After school athletics gives students another way, outside the classroom, to work on these areas.  Participation on our teams is a PRIVILEGE for students that are interested and have the ability and right attitude.  Athletes are required to maintain a minimum GPA as well as model conduct above reproach in the classroom and on the playing field.

At San Ramon Valley Christian Academy we want to encourage all students to be part of our athletic program.  Every year some of our teams require tryouts based on the number of students interested in playing.  Whenever possible, we want to give students the opportunity to be an athletic team member.  Each player on the teams will receive playing time throughout the season; however, not all playing time will be equal.  Participating in interscholastic athletics is a positive experience that encourages each student athlete to do his or her best while working to improve their skills through dedicated coaching.