Giving Tree

On behalf of the SRVCA Teachers and Staff,

we would like to thank everyone for their generous donations from the Giving Tree.

Your donations allow us to immediately improve and add experiences to our classrooms.

There are still items left on mosts lists, if you didn't have a chance during the regular giving time.

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Mrs. Brubaker
SRVCA Librarian
K-3 Computers


Mr. Bauman
Technical Coordinator
4-8 grade Computers


Mrs. Lucht
Athletic Director
5th - 8th grade P.E. & 7th grade Bible


Mr. Shrewsbury
K-8 P.E.


Mrs. Whalen
K-5th grade Spanish


Mrs. Ju
K-5th grade Art
JH Art Elective


Mrs. Wood
K-5 Music


Mrs. Lindahl
Resource Coordinator


Miss Oliver, K1
Mrs. Tos, K2
Mrs. Dyer, 1A


Mrs. Patton, 1B


Mrs. Hoffert, 2A


Mrs. Muñoz, 2B


Miss Blake, 3A


Miss Brady, 3B
Mrs. Scherschel, 4A


Mrs. Shafer, 4B


Mrs. Decker, 5A


Mrs. Hildebrand, 5B


Mrs. Winaker, 6A Homeroom
6th & 8th grade Social Studies


Mrs. Patterson, 6B Homeroom
6th grade English & Bible


Mrs. Managan 7A Homeroom
7th & 8th grade Science
7th & 8th grade Pre-Algebra


Mr. Shahkar, 7B Homeroom
6th grade Math & 7th grade Algebra
8th grade Algebra & Geometry
8th grade Bible


Mrs. Carrington, 8A Homeroom
7th & 8th grade English
8th grade Bible


Mrs. Guerrero, 8B Homeroom
6th, 7th & 8th grade Spanish


Mrs. Greim
6th grade Science
7th grade Pre-Algebra


Mrs. Toliver
7th grade Social Studies