Parent Teacher Fellowship 2015-2016

Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

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The mission of PTF is to bind together parents and teachers in support of SRVCA through the application of gifts, times, and talents to benefit and strengthen SRVCA through the following steps:

  • Glorify and reflect Jesus Christ in all that is done, by coming with hearts to serve.
  • Support and undergird SRVCA through prayer.
  • Facilitate fellowship of parents, teachers, students, SRVCA School Board Members and Community Presbyterian Church (CPC) members.
  • Bring about increasing unity of all parties toward greater caring, support, and commitment to SRVCA.
  •  Seek out the needs of SRVCA where the PTF can help serve by encouraging questions, suggestions, and opinions in order to gain understanding and support and then develop an action plan to meet these needs.

The purpose of PTF is to support and strengthen SRVCA through prayer, service, and financial support.  PTF works towards bringing greater unity in the school by coordinating fellowship/social opportunities with parents, teachers, and students.  PTF works to enhance the programs of SRVCA in a variety of ways that may include the following: 

  • fundraising to assist in providing for non-budgeted items
  • offering encouragement to the staff through a variety of expressive acts of teacher/staff appreciation throughout the year
  • providing practical assistance to the classroom teachers
  • providing cultural assemblies for the student body 
  • enhancing communication between the parents and SRVCA, and offering encouragement to the student body.

Each parent/legal guardian of each currently enrolled student at SRVCA will become a member of PTF.

PTF Sponsored Activities

  • Annual Fundraiser
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Family Events
  • Back to School Coffee
  • Staff Christmas Luncheon
  • Parent/Child Events
  • Prayer Ministries
  • Family Ministries
  • New Family Outreach
  • Change Drive
  • National Day of Prayer
  • Grandparent’s Day