Where to find information? 


Our website is filled with information, forms to download and links to everything SRVCA uses on a regular basis. 

RenWeb & RenWeb Mobile Access

RenWeb is a password protected site our school uses for content management. Parents can log in and view, modify or download many things. From the RenWeb homepage, you will find School Informaiton, Student Information and Family Information. 

School Information
  • Calendar
  • Directory
  • Resource Documents (forms to download and weekly Eagle Newsletters)
  • Web Forms (under Family Demographics, update medical, contacts and field trip driver information)
Student Information
  • Grades: JH only
  • Homework: JH only (view homework assignments daily)
  • Report Cards: JH only (print each quarter for review)
  • Attendance: K-8
  • Behavior: K-8
  • Medical Events: K-8
  • Schedules: JH only (plan appointments)
Family Information
  • Family Profiles
  • Tuition Plans (update payment information on FACTS)
  • Incidental Billing (used for Homework Club & Eagles Nest)
  • Enrollment/Reenrollment
  • Username/Password

School Directory & Information

New school directories are given out the first quarter of each school year. Please let us know if you would like to purchase an ad space by emailing registrar@srvca.org.


Classroom Newletters

K-5 grades have their own newsletters that come out on a specific day of the week. These will have the latest information for that specific grade level.

Classroom Office Envelopes & SRVCA Office

When parents need to drop something off for the office, students can put it in their classroom office envelope that teachers bring up daily. The office also has collection folders just inside the office door for all events.