Ministries on CPC Campus


Our purpose in CPC Kids is to partner with families so that children feel loved and accepted while they grow in the knowledge, love and service of Jesus. In light of our mission, we use a hands-on program that is centered on teaching the Word of God. We affirm that the Bible is a living document that is profoundly relevant in establishing spiritual building blocks for children that will allow them to develop life-long relationships with Christ.





CPC Student Ministries launched Wildside Five/Six this past Fall to disciple and care for our younger students in age-appropriate ways and to support you, as their parents, as they navigate the developmental transition from childhood into early adolescence.

We look forward to meeting your 5th or 6th grader, and being able to walk alongside them as they explore their faith and how it relates to their lives.






Our goal at Wildside is to offer students in grades 7th and 8th a safe and fun place to experience, embrace and extend the love and truth of Jesus Christ. We are excited to welcome students of all backgrounds and give every child in middle school the opportunity to be connected to other students and adults in our church.