Students participate in enrichment programs designed to provide them with an exceptionally well-rounded education. Each week, students are given the opportunity to enhance their skills and develop their passion in the areas of Art and STEM projects(Studio Workshop) and Spanish.

Our daily Bible class leads students through the Old testament, New Testament, and Apologetics so that these young adults can begin to own their faith and build upon a solid biblical foundation as they launch into high school.


In Middle School, students are offered the opportunity to explore additional areas of technology such as digital media production through classroom projects as well as in their time spent in Studio Workshop. Students apply their technology skills to develop deeper understanding, to solve problems, to think and evaluate independently and to work more efficiently by working on projects in collaboration with classroom instruction. 


In 6th grade, students begin to conjugate verbs and master vocabulary and spelling. 7th and 8th grade Spanish focuses on learning the skills accomplished in a High School Spanish I class including: Spanish grammar, written and oral presentations, and discussions about the culture of Spanish speaking peoples. By the end of 8th grade, students are generally able to smoothly transition to High School Spanish II and occasionally Spanish III.


Our Studio Workshop provides a weekly opportunity for exploration of artistic expression and design while celebrating individual uniqueness and creativity. Our Workshop enhances age appropriate topics studied in history, science, literature, and bible. Not only will students accomplish goals for technique and skills, but also for visual problem solving and creativity. As students develop a love and appreciation for their artwork, they will be pointed to God, the ultimate artist, creator, and designer.